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John is a gifted teacher, wonderful with children, and that opinion grows with each lesson he presents. I’m very happy I found IChessU. You really cannot substitute for a one-on-one teaching experience, for a child. He teaches me how to be better at teaching my own son. I find these session are very good for exciting my son’s mental ability. I could not be more pleased with how my experience with IChessU has been so far. For a parent that can afford the tuition, I believe they owe it to their children. I feel as though my son has found a new and exciting friend in John Marble, and since I watch while he takes his lessons, John is able to give me assides which add value to the lesson, in that they teach me how to play chess productively with Zachary, my son.It is stunning for me to watch my own son sprout in his maturity and chess ability in just a few short months with John and IChessU. Many thanks for all that you do to make IChessU available to Kids, young and old. It truly makes a difference in people’s lifes.My son played Elaine Baker from Napa Valley, this evening – he lost that game, but he couldn’t have been more mature in the loss. This is startling for me to observe of my son, who is always thinking of himself, as children naturally do. Despite his loss, he managed to execute a pin, and a fork on both rooks on the eigth rank, just prior to being checkmated. I mean, he saw these possibilities, and then proceeded to execute a plan, that brought them about. Imagine my pride and joy at my son’s accomplishment. He will shortly be the best chess player in our home, and I look forward to that day when I no longer challenge him. Also thanks to the IchessU Chess School management, for their attention to our program, it makes me feel very much in good hands

Kyle Smith, USA, father of Zachary, 4 years old

John Marble is my all time favorite teacher. He makes learning chess, fun and has the ability to keep me wanting to learn more. John is always available for any questions or problems with my homework through email. It is so wonderful to be able to learn why I am making certain moves and also how to defend against them. He has a great way of getting me to understand my lessons even though, I think I cannot learn another thing. I am sure without chess lessons I would no longer be playing chess.I realize now that I can learn much more than I ever thought possible and that one is capable of learning chess at any age. Thank you Alex for providing a great platform tool at IchessU for learning chess. My next step is to take advantage of playing chess real time on IchessU. What can i say John Marble is the best teacher ever.”-Elaine Baker, USA, 68 years oldJ

Elaine Baker, USA, 68 years old

I’ve been taking lesson with my coach, John Marble, for the past three and half months. The improvement is amazing. In one month of play in tournament chess. I have gone from a 1000 rating to a 1305 rating. The confidence and guidance that John Marble has given me is beyond words; John and I would look at my games and he’d show me where my thinking was off. He let me talk through my thinking, and did not shut me down… which I enjoy. He provides positive feedback and useful advice, which I have used in my over-the-board play. No matter where you are…in what stage of chess, beginner or advanced. IChessU can help you to improve your game, please check my rating history at will see how much I have improved my tournament games. 

Michael A Elwell, USA, 47 years old

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